Fluoride-free water options

FANNZ provides this information for your convenience and follow-up. FANNZ does not hold a view as to the quality or performance of any specific brand.

There are three main ways of avoiding fluoride:

  1. Obtain a pure water supply

  2. Distil your water

  3. Filter your water

Thames company Fill2Pure does a good filter that takes out fluoride without using aluminuim.  Also a range of filters are available at the NZ Filter Warehouse, Pure Water Freedom and Health Products NZ.

Sources of Clean Water

  • In Wellington you can go the fountain in Petone. The fountain is located on Buick Street off Jackson Street. Click here to view a map of the Petone fountain delivering fluoride free water! There is also another tap providing the same unfluoridated, unchlorinated water as Petone outside the Dowse in Lower Hutt
  • Dunedin you can go to the Speights Tap
  • Hastings, Havelock North and Flaxmere, go to Clive for clean fluoride-free water.
  • In Auckland, the only unfluoridated place is Onehunga but we are unaware of any public tap.
  • Kapiti, public tap with unfluoridated water in Paekakariki and Otaki.
  • Palmerston North - Massey is unfluoridated.

Bottled water

Bottled water is not necessarily fluoride-free, as some bottled water is no more than plain tap water filled in a fluoridated area. Aquadeli provides information on a range of bottled water available in New Zealand and overseas. Not all brands are sold by Aquadeli, so you may need to contact the supplier yourself.

Aquaceuticals provides a product called "Water in a Box" as it comes in a foil container and is therefore BPA free.

June 2013 - Just Water have advised they do 3 lines of bottled water. Two of them are municipal tap water that they "purify". However, this purification process does not take out fluoride. The third line is a natural spring water but we are not sure how much natural fluoride is in this.

Delivered spring water

In the Wellington area, call Vincent on (04) 905 7474 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (04) 905 7474      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, or David on 0508 42 7978 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            0508 42 7978      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, for a free 5-litre sample of their mineral water. Crystal Valley is another company offering home delivery of bulk spring water.


Mineral water may contain higher levels of fluoride than other natural NZ water (which is mostly between 0.1 ppm - 0.3 ppm). Check fluoride levels with the supplier. The following levels of naturally occurring fluoride are thought to be safe:

Up to 0.3 ppm Tolerable even with impaired kidney function.
0.4 ppm Estimated by US National Research Council Review (2006) panel members to be a likely safe level.
0.5 ppm Estimated maximum safe level (but may be less) by international body on dental fluorosis in conjunction with the World Health Organisation.

None of these levels is safe for individuals with a chemical intolerance to fluoride.

Above 0.3 ppm is unlikely to be safe if you have a very high water consumption.

We would not recommend using water with more than 0.1 ppm fluoride for making up baby formula.

Atmospheric water-producing units

There is a new water system capable of producing pure water by condensing it from the atmosphere, and then filtering it. Atmosh2o is one available brand.


Water is boiled, and the steam collected and re-condensed into water. This process leaves impurities behind. Trace amounts of fluoride can be carried by the steam into the distilled water. If you have a particular intolerance to fluoride, you may need to distil twice. However, this will not be necessary for the average person. Springflow and Vitality4Life are two New Zealand suppliers.


Types of fluoride filter:

  1. Reverse osmosis

  2. Selective ion exchange resin

Reverse osmosis

An osmotic membrane is used to draw fluoride and other minerals out of tap water. The system removes almost all of the fluoride. The process uses about 4 litres of water to produce 1 litre of purified water.

Cost: upwards of $1000 NZD.

Suppliers: Pure Water Services, Wellington Water Filters

Ion exchange resin

These can be either fluoride-specific, or a combination resin/carbon membrane. The carbon removes chlorine, and the membrane removes giardia.

Fluoride-specific filters

Fluoride-specific filters use aluminium oxide (alumina). If the water supply is otherwise pure (such as in Lower Hutt), this is all you will need. They can be obtained through MasterTrade or Filter Warehouse. Replacement cartridges from Filter Warehouse are $74.

Selective ion-exchange resins

Selective ion-exchange resins leave the beneficial minerals such as calcium and phosphorus in the water, while removing heavy metals such as aluminium and lead.

The normal filters do not remove fluoride. You must ask for the one that does.

The systems come in either under-bench or bench-top units. They are available from Microlene, MasterTrade, and other trade outlets.

Cost: around $250, with refill cartridges $180-200. Each cartridge lasts about 3000 litres.

A whole house unit processing about 1 million litres (approx. 3 years use) is available from Health by Choice at $1800.


We have had reports that some salespeople are not very helpful in sourcing fluoride-removing ion exchange filters when asked. You may have to be insistent.

The following are old codes for Microlene. If they are not current, they will presumably have a match. We expect most suppliers could source such filters, as they are all supplied by Contamination Control and then branded.

Benchtop unit: BTPC-s2FL-1.
Under bench unit: UBPC-2FL-1

Information on Other Drinks

RTD Park Lane gin n tonic is manufactured using Auckland tap water. Cocacola is also used with Auckland tap water. They did filter it but it only bring the fluoride content down to 0.5ppm.


To get water tested:

In Wellington you can get water tested at Enviromental Laboratory Services in Seaview http://www.els.co.nz/. It used to only $20 in 2005 to test for fluoride levels.